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What is "White Nights" of St. Petersburg? When the White Nights in St. Petersburg?

What is "White Nights" of St. Petersburg?

White nights — a phenomenon in which the sun falls below the horizon for such a short time that the street does not have time to completely darken, and the evening twilight smoothly into the morning. White nights are not just a natural phenomenon, it is a real symbol of St. Petersburg.

When the White Nights in St. Petersburg?

The official period of white nights in St. Petersburg is from June 11 to July 2. But most believe the beginning of the white nights on may 25, and the end — July 17. During this period, at midnight the Sun falls below the horizon by about 9°.

White Nights of St. Petersburg – our excursions in St Petersburg 


Excursion "White Nights Of St. Petersburg"
The tour route is designed and laid out so that you can see all the main historical places of the city and the most remarkable works of architects who built St. Petersburg. Even during the day, St. Petersburg is extremely beautiful, and the system of artistic illumination of architectural monuments created in recent years makes the spectacle of the night city a real magic extravaganza.  And, of course, you will be able to see the wiring of bridges with your own eyes – the brand name of the city on the Neva, you can witness how multi-ton metal structures rise vertically and right in the middle of the city are sea vessels.

St. Petersburg Night Tour with Draw Bridges
Experience spectacular St Petersburg, illuminated at night, on this small-group tour by minivan in the former capital of the Russian empire. Your expert guide will point out the magnificent floodlit monuments in the city center including the State Hermitage Museum and St Isaac's Cathedral as well as the surrounding streets, squares and embankments of the Neva River. 
This city’s unique architectural heritage, even more magical at night, is not to be missed!

St. Petersburg Draw Bridges Night Tour with a Guide
Night bus tour will give you a unique opportunity to travel around the city at night and enjoy the unforgettable spectacle of the St. Petersburg bridges.You will admire the amazing illumination of the night city, when the bright lights of NevskyProspektare replaced by the mysterious twilight of the old streets, and the facades of the palaces are reflected in the dark waters of rivers and canals. You will see the magnificent Smolny Cathedral, the mysterious Mikhailovsky castle, the famous monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik and authentic Egyptian sphinxes. And in the end you will find a real performance over the Neva, where the main roles are played by the Neva bridges.
You will see how the Palace bridge opens its wings, it is echoed by the Trinity, Liteyny and Bolsheokhtinsky bridge.