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One day tour to Novgorod The Great

12 hours
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During our one day tour to Novgorod form St. Peterbsurg you will visit the magnificent Kremlin, the Byzantine Cathedral of St. Sophia, the oldest church in Russia. Explore the functioning Yuriev Monastery and a museum of Wooden architecture Vitoslavlitsy.


08.30 – 09.00. Meet with your guide. Departure for Novgorod (190 km from St. Petersburg)

Arrival to Novgorod. Full day of sightseeing.

Excursion to the Kremlin of Novgorod

Excursion to the Yaroslav’s Court, Ancient Market. 

Lunch at the local restaurant

Visit to Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy.

Excursion to the Yuriev Monastery

21:00 – 22:00 Arrival to the hotel or to the ship

History of the Velikiy Novgorod

Established in 859 by a Viking Prince Rurik, Novgorod was a thriving trading community and a model city that set the proud traditions of self-government when princes were hired and fired by an assembly of citizens. We can say that in some way the history of Russia started here. It is here that Vikings founded their first settlements on the famous way “from the Vikings to the Greek”: from Scandinavian countries to Byzantium. It was the embryo of Russian state. Later, in the 12th century, this town, one of the largest of the time, became called “Our Lord Novgorod the Great”. Until 1478, when Novgorod became part of the State of Moscow and hence, lost its independence, the town was a republic on its own, governed by a council of respectable citizens. Novgorod was also an important centre of Christian religion.

Founded in 1044, the Kremlin of Novgorod (the Detinets) is one of the most ancient kremlins which exist in Russia. You will see the St. Sophia Cathedral, the first stone cathedral in Russia, was built by prince Yaroslav the Wise a whole century before Our Lady of Paris, in 1045. In the southern gallery eminent novgorodians are buried: princes, bishops and governors. It is in this square, in front of this cathedral, that the “Veche” (the Parliament of Novgorod) gathered to elect the archbishop, declare wars or peace. The legend says that the dove decorating the dome of the cathedral is the symbol of Novgorod. The day when the dove flies away, the city will be destroyed. It used to be a real live dove that became petrified at the sight of the bloody massacre initiated by Ivan the Terrible in 1570.

In the area of the Yaroslav’s Court were located many monuments from the 12th to the 18th centuries. There, side by side stands the prince’s church (the 12th century) and the merchants’ churches, which were used not only as house of prayer, but also as storehouse. The Gate Tower, as well as the arcade, are a unique example of civil architecture, and were built at the time of Peter the Great.

TOP 5 attractions of Veliky Novgorod

The history of Novgorod is inextricably linked with the most important stages of the life of the Russian state. Veliky Novgorod is the birthplace of Russian democratic and Republican traditions, a spiritual stronghold of Orthodox Russia. In 1992 the historical centre of Novgorod the Great was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
What interesting places to visit in this city?
1. Sophia cathedral
2. The Monument "Millennium Of Russia»
3. Victory monument
4. Rurik settlement
5. The center of musical antiquities V. I. Povetkin
6. Fine arts museum and much more!

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  • - Kremlin of Novgorod
  • - Yaroslav’s Court
  • - Vitoslavlitsy
  • - Yuriev Monastery