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One day tour to Vyborg

9 hours
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Vyborg is different from other Russian cities and towns. It is an unique example of ancient stone architecture of the Europe of the Middle Ages. During the tour we will visit the Vyborg Castle, see the knight's hall and we will be able to try on knightly clothes, and the lunch will take place in a real medieval tower. Also you are visit the park "Monrepos” (170 hectares) Romantic landscapes of Mon Repos are spectacular at any time of the year. 



9 a.m. Meet with your guide. Departure to Vyborg (130 km from St. Petersburg)

12.00 Arrival to Vyborg

Sightseeing city 

Walking tour of the Center

Visit the Vyborg Castel

Lunch at the restaurant in the tower. 

Transfer to Monrepos Park. 

A walk and excursion at Monrepos park. Very nice rocks and Kalevala monument. Ancient ruins and the falling stones. Hiking. Great angles for pictures. 

6 p.m. Arrival to the hotel or to the ship in St. Petersburg 


History of Vyborg 

The history of Vyborg covers seven centuries. The new medieval city has started to develop actively in 1293. The city population was updated 4 times. Here spoke in 5 languages: Swedish, Russian, German, Finnish, French. The history of Vyborg is a history of storms and loud fights in which great tsars and kings, brave soldiers and the glorified commanders have been involved. For the long life the city was under the power of 5 different states: the Swedish kingdom, the Russian empire, Independent Finland, Soviet Union, and since 1992 it was a part of the Russian Federation.