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St. Petersburg Draw Bridges Night Tour with a Guide

3 hours
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St. Petersburg is a city with a ton of beautiful rivers and canals. With bodies of water come bridges.

The city is often calld "The Venice Of The North". Like Venice, St. Petersburg is spread across a lot of big and small islands and it's hard to walk more than a few hundred meters without crossing a bridge! St. Petersburg has the largest number of bridges of any city in the entire world. With a total of 539 bridges (315 in the historical center alone), not even Venice, Stockholm or Amsterdam can beat the city’s total! And more than 20 of all bridges are drawbridges. The elegance of some bridges can be compared only to the beauty of the city architectural ensembles. The bridges of St. Petersburg have become an integral part of the city.

During this tour you will see various bridges of St. Petersburg, including the Palace Bridge, the Trinity Bridge, and the Liteiniy (Foundry) Bridge.


Tour time: 23:00 – 02:00.

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