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Special Interest tours St Petersburg

Special Interest Tours St Petersburg attracts millions of tourists every year. We will be pleased to provide the following special interest tours St Petersburg It is include attractions you won't find in a guide book. These can added to our standard tours and shore excursions. 

Faberge egg painting workshop with factory tour. St. Petersburg is known for its collection of Faberge eggs. Learn about their history and make your own during this painting class with a professional artist and our guide. The workshop is suitable for all levels and ages. Make your own pendant in the shape of Egg at the jewelry factory with the help of a professional artist.

Watch Factory in Peterhof. Visit Petrodvorets Watch Factory on your trip to Peterhof. You see Raketa-brand watches being made at the Petrodvorets factory and visit the factory store. The oldest watch factory in Russia! Established by Peter the Great in 1721, the factory has had a bright history, still proceeds manufacturing watches from A to Z and offers unique watch parts for suppliers.

Imperial Porcelain factory tour with master class. We invites you to make a fascinating tour of the porcelain production. Visiting Imperial porcelain factory, you will be able to "penetrate the veil of secrecy enveloping the history of formula "russian porcelain" and to get acquainted with unique modern technology of its production. This excursion can combined with a master class on painting porcelain. Master-class of painting on porcelain is a unique opportunity to reveal their creative potential and feel like a true artist. Experienced painters plant will help you to realize your most daring dreams come true in the traditional forms of porcelain: plates, cups, sculptural miniatures. Each made you a thing can become a memorable souvenir, expensive present, and even the family relic, but the main thing, that she would always keep the warmth of your hands, causing her from the "non- existence" to life.

Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop with master-class where you create a souvenir with a piece of amber. This tour can combined with excursion to the Catherine`s Palace & Park. Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop was founded in 1979 and became world-famous due to the reconstruction works of the Amber Room for the Catherine Palace which were held there. Highly-professional craftsmen also restored a huge number of items for St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin Museum, Amber Museum in Denmark and many other museums and private collections. Now Amber Workshop has opened its doors for guests. During our interesting excursion you will learn a lot about amber as well as restoration process and its secrets.

Mysterious Saint-Petersburg. Rasputin – legends and truths. The excursion with visit the YusupovPalace. This tour is closely intertwined with the palaces and legends of St Petersburg. We will visit Rasputin places in St Petersburg, including the famous YusupovPalace where Rasputin was murdered by Felix Yusupov himself. We offer you a detailed guided tour to the mansion of the richest family of Russia of XIX - beginning of XX centuries. The Yusupovs made a spectacular collection of painting, sculpture and applied art pieces. The palace is also known as a palace where Rasputin the famous favorite of Romanov’s family, fatal and mysterious figure of Russian history, was murdered. You will be able to see the exposition dedicated to Rasputin in the basement of Yusupov Palace.

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