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Package holidays in St Petersburg Russia

St. Petersburg is the most northern city in the world with a population over 5 million people. If you have plans to visit Northern Venice it is better to use a package holidays to St Petersburg. We highly recommend you to use our professional advises during your St. Petersburg   holidays and we guarantee you that your vacations will be awesome. 

    The most expensive time on a holiday St Petersburg  traditionally will be in June, because this is the period of the white nights. This is the very high season and the prices in Saint-Petersburg hotels are enormously expensive.  Like an experts we recommend you to plan your St Petersburg holidays on a middle of May. The weather in this time of year is quiet & nice. There are not so many tourists and the prices for the hotels more or less reasonable. One of the main beauty of St. Petersburg is the capital of fountains - Peterhoff. Fountains start to work at the beginning of May or at the end of April. That’s why you will definitely enjoy them.