office 208, Griboedovа canal, 5,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Hi! My name's Olga Leventueva, I'm a licensed English-speaking city guide around Saint Petersburg. And it is not just my job, it is my favourite hobby as well. I was born in Saint-Petersburg 28 years ago, in 1991; right before the original city’s name had been restored. So in fact I was born in Leningrad in the Soviet Union. But now it is a real pleasure for me to meet new people and share with them my love to my native Saint Petersburg. 

I love this job so much that sometimes it seems to me I was born to be a guide, though I am a teacher of English language by diploma. I love our beautiful city and I'm really happy to have the opportunity to open this city for the tourists, to share the ideas, the facts, the sights of Saint Petersburg. St. Petersburg has so much to offer to those who are looking for stunning architecture, world known pieces of art and most important historical places of Russia. 

It makes me happy when I see my tourists enjoying the trip, get interested in my stories and see the smiles of joy on their faces.