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Language barrier. Won't it be a problem?

Russian language is the first mystery for tourists coming to Russia. You will not understand a word without special preparation. Of course, there are signs with English translation, but not many, so it can be rather difficult to navigate in the city without knowing Russian alphabet.

Advice:  If you don't have time to learn to speak Russian, try to learn to read the most necessary words that can be useful like “exit” ("выход"), “entrance”  ("вход"), “restaurant” ("ресторан"), “pharmacy” ("аптека"), etc.

Buy a good dictionary with useful Russian words and phrases, which will help you to identify important places in the city, to read menu, to use public transport.

You should always have a card from your hotel. If you are looking for some address, it's better to have it with you written in Russian. Ask your translator or friend to write down a list of necessary phrases that you can give people to read what you want. If you can't get right at the hotel or any other place, ask for a person who can speak English. Russians are very helpful and they will keep trying to help you even if they don't understand you.