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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Everyday Life In Saint Petersburg. Metro, Market, Pirozhki

3 hours
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Guide, tickets for metro, snack.
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Saint-Petersburg is a truly magnificent city, with all its marvelous avenues, cathedrals, museums, palaces and parks. But it is also a place where 5000000 people live their lives: they use metro, get stuck in traffic jams. go to offices, industry hubs, schools, universities, markets, restaurants, and attend to dozens of everyday activities all people across the globe do. If you want to know more of everyday life of St. Petersburg citizens, of their realities, customs, and their way of life, this tour is for you.

During the tour you will see St. Petersburg Metro Stations, that are aften called as undeground palaces f the city, visit ocal market, try traditional Russian snacks - pirozhki (small pies), see one of the most traditional and beautiful cathedral. And of course feel the spirit of Saint Petersburg!