office 208, Griboedovа canal, 5,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

My name is Anastasia. I am a licensed guide of St.Petersburg. I really love my native city and want the other people feel the same especially after visit to St.Petersburg.

I have been working as a guide for 14 years. I graduated from St.Petersburg Oriental Institute, Japanese language and culture faculty. Being a student of the Oriental Institute I took part at the exchange program and visited Japan.  After my visit of this country Il wanted to show  Japanese people the Russian culture and my beautiful city. Tourism had always attracted me and I started to work in tourisms. I really  enjoy being a guide for Japanese and Russian tourists! All the tourists become my friends.

Me and my friends have children and we are all interested  in the history of our city. So I started to work as a Russian guide with children and families as well.

You are welcome to St. Petersburg and I hope this visit will become one of the best experiences of your life.