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5 best destinations from St Petersburg

5 best destinations from St Petersburg

Below you find the 5 top destinations for trip duration one day from St. Petersburg (except the nearest suburbs such as: Peterhoff, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Kronshtadt, Oranienbaum). You have a hole day on the any of the next tour. The duration of the each excursions from St Petersburg is about 10-16 hours.


Moscow is the capital of Russia, located in the far western part of the country. Since it was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1147. Now Moscow is not only the political center of Russia but also the country’s most populous city and its industrial, cultural, scientific, and educational capital. For more than 600 years Moscow also has been the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Velikiy Novgorod

Veliky (The Great) Novgorod is commonly known as the “cradle of Russia”. The first reference to Novgorod appears in ancient Russian chronicle in 859, so the city is at least 300 years older than Moscow. Long before St. Petersburg became famous as the “window to Europe” Novgorod had been a crucial link between medieval Europe and Russia. Situated on the crossroads of important trading routes passing from the Mediterranean to the Baltics, the town prospered in the Middle Ages, and local craftsmen became renowned for their unparagoned skills. UNESCO has classified several sights of Novgorod as a part of World Cultural Heritage, but the main jewel among them is undoubtedly the Kremlin – the true heart of the city.


Valaam is the island in Republic of Karelia of Russia, located in the Northern part of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe – Ladoga. The village of Valaam is the monument of Russian architecture - the Valaam monastery, founded before the baptism of Russia, in the year 960, the monk Sergius and Herman, the Greek Holy monks. Transfiguration monastery became the spiritual center of Ladoga lands. Valaam island attracts every year thousands of tourists. The reason - the Valaam Islands have a unique nature, pine forests on the cliffs, warm and quiet inland lakes, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam monastery. During its formation, the monks brought the land, seeds and seedlings of plants from different parts of our country. For such a Northern location is not usual to see some trees and grass. The age of some of them is over three hundred years. The work of the Valaam monks are so fundamental that some areas are truly hand-made. Balaam - the natural reserve, a unique monument of Park art.


Vyborg is different from other Russian cities and towns. It is an unique example of ancient stone architecture of the Europe of the Middle Ages. During the tour we will visit the Vyborg Castle, see the knight's hall and we will be able to try on knightly clothes, and the lunch will take place in a real medieval tower. Also you are visit the park "Monrepos” Romantic landscapes of Mon Repos are spectacular at any time of the year. 

Sortavala & Ruskeala. 

Ruskeala Park is one of the places that you should visit in order to feel the special atmosphere of this area. Ruskeala Mountain Park is an object of cultural heritage of Russia. Its amazing combination of marble mountains, turquoise lakes and wild greenery impresses with its beauty. Ruskeala quarries began to develop during the reign of Catherine II. The marble was used in the construction of many famous buildings of St. Petersburg: St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals, the Hermitage Museum, the Mikhailovsky Castle.

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