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The best and most popular ballets in Russian

The best and popular Russian ballets. Get inspired with the best theatres in Saint Petersburg watching famous Russian Ballet. Ballet is the national honor of Russian and the “visiting card” of the Russian culture.

The most popular Russian ballets are:

Ballet "Swan lake".
For many, Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky's first foray into the genre, composed 140 years ago, has become synonymous with the idea of ballet. In 1877, at the Moscow Bolshoi theatre for the first time staged a dance performance, which is now known to everyone. The ballet «Swan lake» was born. Since then, the history of world choreography is associated with a magical "medieval" fairy tale about an enchanted girl, a Prince in love and an evil wizard.

In Russia, the ballet «Swan lake» is incredibly popular with both the audience and the dancers themselves .For them to dance in this production means to show all the abilities, even at a young age.

The Sleeping Beauty. 
It is often described as "an encyclopedia of classical dance". This three-act ballet with its prologue and apotheosis comprises everything created by the genre of classical ballet over the three hundred years it has existed.

The Nutcracker.
The clear voices of the children's choir accompanying the circle dance of snowflakes in white tutus perfectly embody the belief in miracles that is so strongly associated with this holiday.

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