office 208, Griboedovа canal, 5,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Spanish guide in St Petersburg

Born in Saint-Petersburg when communist era was almost over and Russia was coming to changes I grew up with a great interest in languages, world literature, art and music. After graduating from Saint-Petersburg State University where I studied history and languages, I was employed by the University and worked as an English teacher and a scientific translator. At that time I started doing river boat trips and ‘off the beaten track’ walking tours for the students and soon I was keen on doing this job. The more I conducted the tours, the more I fell in love with my wonderful city with its gorgeous architecture, great history, romantic white nights and special spirit. My passion for history and interest in people gradually led me to the sphere of tourism. In 2007 I finished the Intourist guide course and became a tour guide with an official permission to show people around Saint-Petersburg and its museums. Since then I have been working as a tour guide and enjoy meeting different people, from different countries, with all sorts of background and way of thinking. After doing my job for almost ten years I am still very fond of it and every single minute of it gives me great pleasure. My main focus of interest is political and social history from the early years of Romanov’s dynasty and palace coups, the Soviet era with its social changes to the present day life and art history from Baroque age to Art Nouveau. One of my hobbies is studying the city traditions and customs and collecting the city stories which are behind the events, buildings, and personages. I appreciate the possibility to share my knowledge and my passion for Saint-Petersburg with all the people who come to see it and I always try to do my best making their tour experience vivid and personal.