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Walking tour of unceremonial St.Petersburg

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Are you tired of the magnificent palaces and ceremonial embankments? Let's take a look at the inside of the city and stroll through the St. Petersburg courtyards. At the same time we'll find out the history of the development of the very concept of  this word "yard" - from back to the front door and, of course, together with Alice, we will fall into the rabbit hole of one of the "yard-wells" as people always call the courtyards of St.Petersburg.

The idea behing the excursion “Saint Petersburg’s courtyards” is to explore the other side of the city, and to open to our participants the images that a typical citizen can encounter here.

Saint Petersburg’s courtyards ("дворы") are an important part of the city culture. There are a lot of books and photo albums dedicated to this topic, but it doesn't mean that it is included in the official tour guide for travelers. So, what is so specific about Saint Petersburg courtyards? The most interesting feature is their shape. You can often meet "courtyards-wells" in the city center (enclosed courtyards with houses that look like deep wells).