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Russian Visa



According to the Russian Federation Government Decree #532 of 28th, August 2003, cruise passengers arriving onboard the cruise ship and staying in the country for less than 72 hours (accommodation provided onboard), do not need a Russian visa, if they are given service by the official touroperator.

 For easy disembarkation you need to do these steps:

1. Make a booking.

2. Receive a “Tour Ticket” (Voucher) and print it out. It is be on each passenger, including children.

3. When in Saint-Petersburg, show your Tour Ticket, passport and passport copy to the customs officer, receive your SHORE PASS.

4. The guide and driver will meet you at the pier holding sign with your name.

! Put your passports and Tour tickets safely away. These are very important documents and you need them again for leaving the ship.



All citizens of foreign countries wishing to visit Russia need to get a visa. The visa is to be obtained at the local Russian Embassy or Consulate. One of the documents required to apply for a visa is a tourist visa invitation, which is sometimes called a Russian visa voucher.

The invitation is a special document issued by the party that invites you to Russia. For every type of visa, there exists a different type of invitation.

 When the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship is applying to the Russian Consulate, then they should submit the following documents:

1. The foreign passport (or the document which substitutes it: child's identity card, travel document for the person without citizenship, travel document for the refugee).
2. Consular Visa application form
3. One photo 3*4 cm (or two, depending on the Consulate).
4. Visa support letter (invitation).
5. Payment.
6. Travel insurance for citizens of Schengen States;
7. In some cases (stays longer than 3 months) it is obligatory to submit the document proving that the person does not have AIDS.

Invitation for Russian tourist visa In order to get a tourist visa an applicant should submit to the Consulate a standard tourist confirmation (visa support letter) from the authorized hosting Russian travel agency.Russian visa confirmation should contain full name of the traveler, date of birth, passport number, date of entry/departure, itinerary, the agency's reference number, registration number, official seal and signature of the authorized person; and a voucher issued by an authorized travel agency, indicating full name of the traveler, date of birth, passport number, dates of entry and departure, name of the hosting Russian Tourist Company.

Can quickly and efficiently provide you with the invitation for Russian tourist visas.

The cost of the service depends on the type of visa you would like to get (see the price list). You will still be responsible for paying the Russian Consulate fee and for getting the necessary documents to and from the Russian Consulate.

To get the Visa to Russia Invitation from our company, please, fill in the request form.

The citizens of the following countries don’t require a visa to the Russian Federation






-Hong Kong