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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Which is the best currency to take to Russia?

All prices in Russia are given in roubles, and it is prohibited by law for any outfit to accept any other currency except the national one. It would be worth exchanging your cash into roubles upon your arrival in Russia. British pounds are very hard to exchange - only in Moscow, St Petersburg and some other host cities - and the rate may not be good, so it is better to bring USD or Euro. It’s also not recommended to bring traveller’s cheques to Russia. Try not to run out of cash, although major credit and debit cards are accepted in Russia.

Where is the best place to exchange money?

Changing money is rarely a problem in Russia. Almost every place, even a smallest town, has a bank or a currency exchange office. This is not always the case in the tiniest remote Siberian or mountain villages, but, generally, if the town has more than 1000 inhabitants, a legal money exchange will not cause a problem