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St Petersburg life


15 мар
North Palmyra Tours is a licensed, registered tour operator by the Ministry of Culture of Russia's Federal Agency for Tourism. Our registration number is РТО 019610. By clicking the link you can see our official listing on the Ministry of Culture's website (in Russian). If you are booking shore excursions with us, we take care of your visa for Russia for the duration of your ship’s stay.
The oldest building of the city

02 мар
The oldest building in St. Petersburg is a wooden house of Peter I on Petrovskaya embankment. It was built in one month with the laying of the city in 1703. The king ceased to live in it since 1721, from that moment the house which was called "Red mansion" gained historical value and was taken under protection. It is still in the case, which was built over it in Imperial times.
Однодневные экскурсии по СПб

08 мая
Наши программы экскурсии в СПб на 1 день помогут вам по-максиму использовать не столько большое количество времени. Частый вариант оптимизации времени – это совмещение трансфера и экскурсии.
Цены на экскурсии в СПб

08 мая
Мы предлагаем выгодные цены, которые позволят гостям выбрать для себя подходящую программу. Стоимость экскурсий в Питере в 2018 году